Which Montessori Lessons to Give a Tot?

Which Montessori Lessons to Give a Tot? {Confessions of a Montessori Mom} #Montessori #activities #tots

If a child at the age of 16 months comes to me, which Montessori lesson do I start with first? Shall I start with the sensorial, the language, the maths or practical life lesson first? How many types of lessons can be done in a day and how many hours for each lesson?

You need to observe the child in your Montessori home or daycare environment, to see what they choose to play (work with), then you will know what materials to add to the environment.

Maybe the child loves trucks, so have lots of trucks and give the language, count them, learn the colors of the truck, the noises it makes. When that same child is two or three, make a washing truck work (practical life); a sorting truck work (sensorial); draw a truck when they are 3 or 4; learn to sound out the work t-r-u-ck, and write it...

What I'm trying to say is you need to observe the child in your environment to see what he or she is interested in, and give them activities that are not too hard or too easy, and sometimes you won't know what is too hard or too easy until you make or buy the activity and place it on your shelves.

A 16 month old is not as interested in lessons as an older child of three, they want to explore! They are not ready for math unless they show an interest in counting, which you can do through counting books for children, counting food at snack, counting blocks...

Language is more of an interest in building vocabulary: names of things; as well as singing songs and nursery rhymes at circle time.

Practical Life interest comes at 2 to 2 1/2.

~Lisa Nolan AKA Lisa L Lewis

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