A Montessori Infant and Toddler Home Environment

Black and white photo of Lisa Nolan as a young child in the park, walking down the stairs

I get a lot of questions about how to do Montessori at home with infants and their toddler siblings. So I created a Montessori Infant and Sibling Series. This is part one.


How do I organize the workroom areas (where all the Montessori-related materials are going to be) including a two-year-old area (such as [an] art section, math section, etc.) and an 11-month-old area of the room?

What about their bedrooms and the living room? Which room should I start with first? It's just overwhelming.

Should I make up a daily schedule first, or organize (plan, shop, and display) all the materials first? And how do I decide what I should put on the shelves for each of my children?

My Answers... Keep reading at my NEW blog!

~Lisa Nolan
Top photo of me, Lisa Nolan, at age 2 1/2.
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