Are You a Montessori Junkie?

Montessori cards made from magazine cutouts for history timelines

Do you spend more than one hour a day surfing the Internet for your next Montessori fix?

Have you bought several Montessori-related books this month on Amazon?

Perhaps you wander around the dozens and dozens of Montessori blogs reading posts, downloading activities, or making comments.

Maybe you've even downloaded a Montessori 3 to 6 album, or two, or three. (Tip: you only need one!)

And don't tell me you haven't downloaded a Montessori app to your iPad or iPhone! OK, maybe that's going too far... even I haven't done that (mainly because I have an old-fashioned cell phone that isn't capable of taking a picture much less checking my email or whatever-it-is smart phones do these days).

I think I am a Montessori junkie, I must be. I have Montessori on the brain every day, whether I'm posting to one of my Montessori blogs; answering email questions from anxious Montessori parents; updating one of my Montessori websites or online activity lessons, or looking for Montessori materials to buy (when I can afford them!), and so it must be true. I confess. I'm addicted to Montessori.

It started when I was twenty-three years old and I observed my first Montessori school, then sat in on a Montessori training class. From that early age (I'm now forty-eight!), I was hooked.

I spent the next three years taking my primary and elementary Montessori training courses, and the next twenty years in Montessori classrooms, not-to-mention the past twelve years doing just-about-everything Montessori on the Internet. And if that wasn't enough, I'm now working on two Montessori books!

Having all this experience with Montessori (including being a Montessori mom to a special needs child) has taught me a few things, and I want to share them with my fellow Montessori junkies, especially the newbies.

Tip number one: Start your Montessori journey by reading Montessori books, including the ones at your local library--there is a ton of information on the Internet, but some of it is sketchy at best, be it a Montessori YouTube clip, a Montessori mom blog post, or a free download--so to help yourself weed out the not-so-authentic-stuff, read a lot of Montessori books.

Tip number two: Spend less time on the Internet (I know that's a hard one) and more time (at least fifteen minutes at a time) observing your child. It's through observing your infant or tot or preschooler that you will learn the most--I can't stress that enough!

Tip number three: Spend less time online (you can do it!) and more time interacting with your little loved ones in your Montessori (or soon-to-be Montessori) environment. It is through interacting with them that you will learn even more! (There, I stressed it again!) Then, and only then (after you've read a few chapters in your Montessori book, observed your children playing and "working", and also interacting with them--and yes, that includes giving a lesson or two) can you go on your computer (or iPad or iPhone!) to get your Montessori fix.

Lastly, I want to say: Welcome to the club fellow junkies! In the meantime, want help saving precious moments and interactions? Need all your Montessori lessons, photos, and resources all in one place? Visit my sister site, Montessori for the Earth! ~Lisa Nolan

Montessori cards made from magazine cutouts for history timelines

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