You know you have a Montessori child when...

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"You know you have a Montessori child when..." I posted this question on my Montessori Facebook page, and I received a lot of responses! Here are a few of my favorites: 

"My son was taking a REALLY long time in the children's library bathroom so I peeked in the door and he was wiping the sink and mirror dry with paper towels!" OK, that one was mine! 

"When your two-year-old says 'Excuse me' when she needs to interrupt your conversation!" 

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"My daughter, 18 months, went to get a bib before a meal. When all the bibs fell on the floor she began to sing 'Clean up, clean up . . . ' while picking them up and putting them back."

"Caught my son using his spoon, meant for his cereal, moving milk from his cup to his bowl."

"A few months ago I realized I had a Montessori child in the making when after looking at a book she got up and put it back in the box where it had come from, without prompting!"

And from our Facebook group members:

"When you're killing time waiting at a restaurant and your two-year-old sorts the bottle caps she found on the table by color, lining them up neatly, while your friend's kid plays games on her dad's phone... no judgment... it was a looonnnnggg wait!" ~Becky L. 

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"When mopping the kitchen floor is exciting and something all three kids want to help with!" ~Bethany A. H.

"When your child calls a shot glass a 'toddler glass.' " ~Jade T.

"Your child is walking towards Target to go shopping and says, 'Look! There's a verb symbol!' He was referring to the round red balls outside of the front of the store." ~Renae M. E.

"When the dog tries to take his toy and he yells, 'No! That's MY work!' " ~Brittney B. B.

"When he puts away a play dough color before taking a different color out." ~Martha A.

OK, another one from me: "When my son keeps all his shoes neatly lined up by his bed! And fixes them when our dog knocks them out of order!"

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