You know you have a Montessori child when...

Photo of young boy squatting and holding a push broom and dustpan

"You know you have a Montessori child when..." I posted this question on my Montessori Facebook page, and I received a lot of responses! Here are a few of my favorites: 

"My son was taking a REALLY long time in the children's library bathroom so I peeked in the door and he was wiping the sink and mirror dry with paper towels!" OK, that one was mine! 

"When your two-year-old says 'Excuse me' when she needs to interrupt your conversation!" 

Tot at small table with cup of Cherrios

Sophie eating snack! Copyrighted: Lianne

Copyright Bethnany Ann Hutchinson

Top photo credit: theloushe via / CC BY-NC-ND