Is Montessori School Best for My Three-Year-Old?

Lisa's young son sitting in a booster seat on a wooden chair, smiling, and wearing a blue shirt

I found your blog when I was researching whether Montessori is right for my son. He’s been going to a three-year-old Montessori class for about eight weeks now and his teacher just had a fit with me: telling me my son was disruptive, does not complete his work, does not listen to instructions, and is too sociable.

I am at my wit's end as to whether it is my child...or what to do. I am very concerned and I wonder whether Montessori is right for my child. Your help would be much appreciated.

There is nothing wrong with a child who is social, and a three-year-old is not expected to have mastered "completing his work" or "listening to instructions": those are skills he should be learning (not have already learned!).

It sounds like the teacher is not a right fit for you or your child. Are you able to move him to a different class with a different teacher? Or is she the only choice? Have you been able to talk to the director of the school? Or is she the director/teacher...

It sounds like she is either not very experienced, or she has been at the school a long time is burnt out.

I'd start looking at other programs for your son, and let your observations decide for you, not whether the program is Montessori or not.

It is also true that not all children are a good match for Montessori including my own child! I finally had to pull him out at age 4 1/2. He just did not fit the "Montessori mold." It was heartbreaking for me, but not for my son!

So start looking at other programs to see what would be a good match for your son, be it Montessori or not. ~Lisa Nolan