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My Affordable Online Montessori

If hope and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men. ~Maria Montessori

Affordable 24/7 online access to Montessori for infants, tots, toddlers, preschool, Kindergarten, and lower elementary children! Created by a Montessori trained 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 teacher and mom. Subscriptions include 24/7 access to:
  • Montessori lessons, articles, and photo galleries.
  • Montessori PDFs and ebooks
  • Over 75 Montessori YouTube videos (by recommended Montessori teachers and moms), More YouTube video recommendations are added each month.
  • Montessori and homeschool resources for 3- to 9-year-olds.
  • Private, subscribers-and-members-only Montessori blog.
  • Private, subscribers-and-members-only Montessori podcast.
"I am so impressed with your work! What a treasure trove you have shared with me. I feel excited to go through it all and I am relieved that I can stop searching around the blogosphere to figure things out!"--Aylin (Military family)

To see what's offered for each age group, click on a link!

Affordable Montessori for Birth to Nine

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