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Lisa's hands holding and stacking a small pink cube on the Montessori Pink Tower

Infants and Tots: My 50 lessons for infants and tots are in my 116-page e-book Beginning Montessori with Infants and Tots Birth to 24 Months, including un-toys using upcycled and recycled materials and items from around the house. Some of the lesson activities can be handmade or prepared with materials from home, others can be bought at Montessori suppliers. It also includes my Montessori documents and FAQs for 0 to 24-month-olds, including The Absorbent Mind and Sensitive Periods in a Nutshell; Fine Motor Development (In Infants); How to Modify Toys in the Environment; How to Rotate Activities; and Siblings Working Together. 

Continents on a colorful tapestry with a blue background
My lessons for toddlers: Practical Life Open and Close Zips and Snaps, Sponging, Cleaning Spills, Sweeping, Putting on a Coat, Dry Pouring into Bowl, Large Scrubbing, Small Scrubbing, and Cheese Cutting. Sensorial Froebel Bag, Geometric Solids, Cylinder Blocks, Sorting Large Objects, Match Fabric, Sort Silverware, Color Box 1, Thermic Tablets, and Pink Tower--modified with only four cubes. Also, Feeding Fish, Insect Matching, Boats, The Classified Picture Cards, Beginning First Sounds, and Early Counting with Objects.

Hands buttoning the Montessori Button Frame with blue fabric and red buttons

My lessons for 3-year-olds: Metal Insets, Clay, Dry Pouring, Open & Close, Advanced Dry Pouring, Water Pouring, Tea Party, Spooning, and Tongs.

Hands pouring a small pitcher of lentils into another pitcher

Sensorial: Sorting, Bag of Buttons, Bag of Beads, Color Tablets Box Two, Geometric Solids and Bases, The Brown Stairs, Tactile Boards, Cylinder Blocks, and Mystery Bag Advanced.

Watering can and seeds for Montessori botany planting seeds experiment in a jar of cotton

Also, Classify Animals Cards, Plant Experiments, Land and Water Forms, Land and Water Globe, World Globe (or Color Globe or Continent Globe), Science Bubbles Experiment, Air experiment, and Sink and Float experiment.

Montessori sink and float on a tray with two bowls and objects that sink or float in water

Language and math: I Spy Game, Sandpaper Sounds/Letters, Write Sandpaper Sounds, Number Rods, Sandpaper Numbers, and Spindle Boxes.

 Montessori I Spy basket lesson with phonetic objects to sound out

My lessons for 4 and 5-year-olds

Practical Life lessons: Snaps, Buttoning, Cut Faded Flowers, Weeding, Sewing in a nutshell. Sensorial lessons: Smelling Bottles, Sound Cylinders, Thermic Bottles; Geometric Cabinet and Puzzle Shapes, Geometric Cards--match to Geometric Cabinet and Puzzle Shapes; Color Box 3 and Baric Tablets.

Montessori button frame with blue fabric and red buttons

Geography lessons: Animals of the World (continents), People of the World; Continent Puzzle Map Intro using the Land and Water Form Globe, Colored Continents Globe, and the World Puzzle (Continent) Map.

Botany & Zoology lessons: Zoology Animal Classified Cards; Botany 3 to 9 outline (from my Montessori training lecture notes); Plants Monocot and Dicot, Parts of a Real Plant, Leaf, and Root; Parts of a Plant Cards, Parts of a Flower Activities, and Leaf Cabinet and Cards.

Language lessons: Tracing, Movable Alphabet, Learning to Write Your Name, Writing on the Line, Labeling, Dictation, Phonograms, First Reading Lesson with Object Box, Reading Tablets/Cards, and Sight Words/Puzzle Words.

Montessori, green, squared chalkboard with "sh" written in chalk and the "sh" sandpaper phonogram

Math lessons: Math Intro, Counting 11-19 with Teen Beads, Counting 11-19 with Teen Boards and Combine with Teen Beads, and Counting 20-99 with Ten Boards & Beads.

Science experiments (a prerequisite for the 20 physics experiments): Bubbles, Air, Sink & Float, Boats, Siphon, Two Jars, Post Card, Candle in Glass, Shadows, Three Stages of Matter, Magnet Sort, Hidden Magnet, and Compass.

Montessori wooden ten boards and golden bead ten bars

My lessons for 6-year-olds and up. Lessons on Grammar & Function of Words: Article Game lesson; Noun & Adjective Game with Farm & Animals; Detective Adjective Game with Triangles; Noun Adjective Article Game with Roses; Conjunction Game with Roses; Preposition Games with Roses and Farm Animals; Verb Games; Verb Command Cards & Function of the Verb (moving towards interpretive reading); Different Aspects of the Verb and Exercises with Verb Tenses; and Adverb Game.

Writing: Poetry Basket, Simple Punctuation, Making Simple Sentences, Margins, and Writing a Simple Essay.

6 to 9 Math: Decimal System with Golden Beads and Symbols 1-9000 including Formation of Complex Numbers;  Addition with Snake Game and Golden Beads including Carrying and Dynamic Addition with Golden Beads; Addition with Boards and Charts; Subtraction with Negative Snake Game; Golden Beads including Carrying and Dynamic Subtraction with Golden Beads; Subtraction with Boards and Charts; Negative (Subtraction) Strip Boards; Simple Fractions (Names, Halves, Thirds, and Equivalents); Addition & Subtraction Stamp Games (Simple and Dynamic); Simple Geometry including Geometry Commands 1-39; Linear Counting (pre multiplication) including 100 Chain, Skip Counting, 1000 Chain, and Cube Chain of Five.

6 to 9 Zoology: The First Knowledge of the Animal Kingdom; Classified Nomenclature Cards for Zoology; Animal Story Card Game (knowledge of animal kingdom and reading practice) and the Animal Stories (46 stories in all, invertebrates and vertebrates).

Cosmic Education: Cosmic Education Intro; God Who Has No Hands; Needs of People of the World; Spiritual Needs of People of the World; and 20 Physics Experiments.

My Montessori Methodology and Philosophy PDF

"Absorbent Mind" and "Sensitive Periods"; "Setting up a Montessori Environment for 3 to 5-Year-Olds," "Questions About How to Create a Montessori Home Environment," and "Nurturing the Child's Home Environment"; "The Home Preschool"; "The Three Period Lesson"; "Creating Some Activities"; "The Montessori Adult"; "Independently Working"; "Observing Your Child in the Montessori Environment"; "Indirect Preparation"; "Movement and Independence"; "The Human Embryo"; "Siblings, Lessons, and Working Together"; "Peace Education," "Conflict Resolution," "Social Grace and Courtesy," and "Discipline Quick FAQs"; and "Care of the Environment Quick FAQs." 

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