Montessori Lessons

Continents on a colorful tapestry with a blue background

My Montessori and homeschool lessons: In 1999 I began my online Montessori journey (when only one Montessori album was online) by becoming the second Montessori educator to begin putting her Montessori albums online, at Montessori for the Earth (my membership website for homeschoolers which I retired in 2023). Now you can get my Montessori lessons (for two- to six-year-olds) for free, by becoming a subscriber over at my NEW blog! (Did I mention I have a new blog?!) Follow the link to learn more! ~Lisa Nolan

Hands buttoning the Montessori Button Frame with blue fabric and red buttons

Hands pouring a small pitcher of lentils into another pitcher

Watering can and seeds for Montessori botany planting seeds experiment in a jar of cotton

Montessori sink and float on a tray with two bowls and objects that sink or float in water

 Montessori I Spy basket lesson with phonetic objects to sound out

Montessori button frame with blue fabric and red buttons

Montessori, green, squared chalkboard with "sh" written in chalk and the "sh" sandpaper phonogram

Montessori wooden ten boards and golden bead ten bars

Montessori Conjunction Game with Roses

Montessori Cut-up Poem on lined paper

Montessori Addition Strip Board

Montessori Peoples of the World cards on a rug