Should You Homeschool?

A younger Lisa Nolan smiling holding her son--looking very curious--when he was a tot

The decision is huge and one of the most important you will ever make for your family! I created an affordable Montessori e-book PDF ($) for birth to age nine filled with real questions from real parents, out of the many email inquiries I have received over the past 15 years, including whether or not to Montessori homeschool. Want to see the TOC? Keep reading!

Table of Contents:  
  • Will it be hard to go from traditional schooling to Montessori-style homeschooling?
  • Question about homeschooling older children and an infant 
  • Question about Montessori schools and special needs 
  • Can you Montessori homeschool your older kids? 
  • Should you try Montessori homeschool and regular preschool? 
  • Whether or not to homeschool your children this year or place them in public school Socialization question regarding gifted preschooler 
  • Question about elementary Montessori homeschooling 
  • What is the time commitment for making some of the materials? 
  • What do you do if your children make no use of all the great Montessori materials? 
  • What are the criteria to be able to call a school “Montessori”? 
  • Should we keep our kids in Montessori school? 
  • Should children spend more time at home or at school? 
  • Will my child lose social skills if homeschooled? 
  • Should you take Montessori training? 
  • Can I homeschool using Montessori with little training? 
  • Teaching Montessori at home during the summer 
  • Montessori support groups, using Montessori albums 
  • Is it too late to start Montessori homeschool with a nine-year-old? 
  • If you Montessori homeschool will Montessori elementary schools accept your homeschooling as a proper prerequisite? 
  • Can Montessori elementary homeschooling be the best approach for an only child?

Have you already decided to homeschool? Need my now free Montessori homeschool lessons?

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They grow up so fast! (2017)

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