Saying Goodbye

Black and white photo of Lisa Nolan as a toddler wearing a coat and pointing her finger

In early 2024 I retired (closed) my Montessori membership website, Montessori for the Earth, moved my lessons here, and rode off into the sunset. (Whether I ride back again is another story!) 

I want to thank the many, many, many members who supported me there since 1999, and later on Ning, from 2013 to 2024! You were a blessing in my life, more than you'll ever know!

What's next for Lisa Nolan? Hmmm, great question! I'm returning to school to get my Veterinary Technician Certificate so I can work in a veterinary office helping sick and injured pets. (I call it from preschool to pets.) At the same time, I will be working one-on-one with special needs children and adults.

Before you go, want to check out my books? They make great gifts! Mom-lit parent humor: Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness and Mom for the Holidays; and my picture book, Backyard Play with Mummy.

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~Lisa Nolan
Photo of a young Lisa Nolan in a black turtleneck holden her son at at 18 months

Lisa's 4-year-old son asleep on the carpet, surrounded by picture books and his blue blanket.

Lisa and her son standing in front of a tree at his elementary school

Lisa's teen son at at Miracle League, at homebase, holding a baseball bat

Lisa's teen-son at at Miracle League, running to first base.
The top three photos are by Lisa Nolan and the last two photos are by North Bay Miracle League.

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