Nine Montessori and Kid-Friendly PDFs for the New Year that I Recommend!

Nine Montessori and Kid-Friendly PDFs for the New Year that I Recommend!  Photo by KatinkaBille on Trend Hype / CC BY-NC-SA

I can't believe it's almost 2020! Perfect timing for calendars, chore-charts, and planners--a nice way to start the new year! I have some Montessori, non-Montessori, and kid-friendly PDFs for you that I recommend--from Montessori Print Shop and TpT! (No, I am not an affiliate of either, promise.)

1. Calendar Bundle | Montessori ($$): "This bundle [from Montessori Print Shop] includes four files for your calendar needs:
  • 12 months of calendar tags
  • calendar worksheets
  • circular timeline
  • seasonal timeline
"All files are in PDF format. The download is a zip file that you will have to 'unzip' before using the individual PDFs."

2. More calendars from this TpT seller Luftmensch Designs, including Hebrew Jewish calendars (too many to list). They also have Montessori, Waldorf, Lunar, and Muslim/Islamic calendars (prices vary feom $ to $$$). This is their calendars listing.

3.  K-2 Calendar Journal from TpT | Non-Montessori ($): "This is a  daily calendar journal. The days of the week are listed. The students get to practice writing the month, the day of the week, yesterday, and tomorrow. There is also a number line so the students see the order of numbers. At the bottom, the students record the weather for the day. They also write the number of days they have been in school [or homeschool], breaking that down into hundreds, tens, and ones. There is a section where they write the date and the teacher [or parent] directs them how many less and how many more they need to find from the original number." (Ten pages)
4. From a Montessori teacher and mom: Student agenda/weekly planner template including spelling word list from TpT: "This planner includes a place for each child's name to work on their goal for the week (I like helping children use the possessive apostrophe), a place for weekly spelling words, the days of the week in Spanish and English, and a message board for other announcements." (Free)

5. Montessori Lesson Planner from TpT: "This is a lesson planner I use in my AMI Montessori classroom. I am an AMI trained elementary teacher and have been teaching for six years." (Free)

6. Montessori Weekly Planner Template from TpT: "This is a blank template to use for a weekly student plan using the Montessori teaching method." ($)

7. Record Keeping from Montessori PrintShop: "Comprehensive list of lessons to help guide you (as the teacher) and monitor and track the progress of each child ($). This work includes:
  • 11 page black-master record form (each page prints on 8½" x 11" paper)
  • Covers the following classroom areas and has some space to include your own lessons:
  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Language
  • Geography
  • Culture
  • Math
"Print a set for each child, fill in the checklist as each lesson is presented, is being worked on, or has been mastered by the child. This makes record keeping and reporting to parents very easy!"

8. Montessori Lower Elementary Work Plan: A versatile work plan used in a Lower Elementary Montessori classroom, from TpT. ($)

9. Responsibilities Chart for the Home from Montessori Print Shop ($). This work includes:
  • 1 color chart
  • 1 black-line master chart
  • 1 blank chart with the days of the week (you can use this to create your own)
  • Each chart prints on 8½" x 11" paper
  • This file is in PDF format.
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Happy New Year!

~Lisa Nolan

Photo by KatinkaBille on Trend Hype / CC BY-NC-SA

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