Top Nine Bat Activities for Halloween from TpT!

Top Ten Bat Activities for Halloween from TpT!

Top Ten Bat Activities for Halloween from TpT!

Each month I share free and low cost TpT resources for my Montessori monthly themes (saving my members and subscribers--time and money)! This is an October sample post with bat-themed activities and PDFs from TpT! 

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1. All About Bats Video--supporting document included (free): Introduction to bats. Free program 5 mins. 51 secs. Learning Outcomes... After viewing video, students will be able to:
  • explain bat behavior and habitat
  • explain adaptations such as echolocation
  • provide examples of different kinds of bats
Vocabulary highlighted/Vocabulary covered: mammal, roost, colony, habitat, nocturnal, predator, prey, anatomy, adaptation, echolocation, skeleton, wing, behavior, pup, microbat, megabat, species, threatened

Video plays on TPT website. Once obtained from TpT, video will be saved on your “My Purchases” page and you will be able to view it as many times as you like!

2. Bat Inquiry Unit Plan (free): Five-page unit outline plan for an inquiry project for Kindergarten on bats. It is very guided, and focuses on communication, and asking and answering questions. Links have been added...

3. Brown Bat, Brown Bat, What Do You See? Halloween Emergent Reader (free): Here is a cute adaptation of Bill Martin's Brown Bear, Brown Bear book! It is the perfect emergent reader to have for Halloween! Your students will practice reading their sight words (I, see, looking, at, me, what, do, you) and their colors by using the familiar pattern of the brown bear, brown bear book! The reader includes the following Halloween characters and colors:
  • brown bat
  • black cat
  • white ghost
  • green witch
  • purple spider
  • orange pumpkin
  • trick or treaters

4. Bats Flipbook (free): Are you teaching your students about bats? Bats are so much fun to learn about. Teaching students about bats and how to find facts about them is an important skill. This flipbook is great for young learners and it introduces bats and gives students the opportunity to research and find out more information about these animals!

5. Flutter, Flutter Little Bat poem (free), and  Amazing Bat Fingerplay song (free).

6. Bilingual Halloween Vocabulary ($+): In this 108-page PDF product you will find October and Halloween vocabulary cards in Spanish that can be used in a variety of ways.
Each term comes written in print and in cursive and includes a card with a drawing as well as a card with a drawing and the given term. Students can work to match a few, or all of the cards. The cards could also be used as a support for a writing activity or center, to play memory or on a word wall.

This set includes 34 words that have to do with the month of October and Halloween. You can choose to use some, or all of the words, depending on the level of your students.

7. Bat Nomenclature Cards ($): Bat Nomenclature Cards are formatted in a 3-part card series with black-line master included. The 13 parts of the bat are: bat, wing membrane, tail membrane, tail, arms, legs, body, head, thumbs, fingers, ears, feet, and eyes. Includes:
  • 13 cards with labels
  • 1 black-line master
Cards with label are approx. 4¾" x 7". Print twice to make 3-part cards. You may be interested in the Bat Nomenclature Book--to make definition cards ($).

 8. Kinds of Bats 3 Part Cards ($): These printable 3-Part Nomenclature Cards are a perfect complement to any classroom especially Montessori and will make a wonderful addition to your Fall or Nocturnal Animals Units. (No definition cards.)

9. Bat Life Cycle with 3 Part Cards, Spinner, Poster & More ($): Use these Bat Life Cycle Printables to create fun, hands-on learning activities your students will love! This set includes detailed images that clearly demonstrate the life cycle of a bat.

Children will learn vocabulary for the stages of bat life cycle. You can present the cards included as a vocabulary building/reading work, or use them as a sequencing activity. Students will work on memory, logic and reasoning, and sequencing skills.

This set works great for a set of realistic Halloween activities. You can use these materials in a kindergarten classroom (or higher). It is perfect for a Montessori environment.
Ideas for use:
  • Use as a sequencing activity
  • Practice reading with 4 part cards
  • Teach phases of a bat life cycle with the spinner
  • Use the poster as classroom art
  • 5 (Montessori) 3 part cards with control cards, image cards, and label cards
  • 5 information cards
  • 1 spinner and cover
  • 1 control poster
  • Life cycle cut and paste activity
  • Life cycle coloring book
Have fun! ~Lisa Nolan (Want to P I N for later?!)

Photo by Noirathsi's Eye on / CC BY-NC

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