Five Spider PDFs for Halloween from TpT!

Five Spider PDFs for Halloween from TpT!

Five Spider PDFs for Halloween from TpT!

Each month I share free and low cost TpT resources for my Montessori monthly themes (saving my members and subscribers--time and money)! This is an October sample post with spider-themed activities and PDFs from TpT! 

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1. Spider Nomenclature Cards, Red ($): Spider Nomenclature Cards are formatted in a 3-part card series with black-line master included. The 8 parts of the spider are: spider, prosoma, spinnerets, abdomen, eyes, chelicerae, pedipalps, and legs. The spider is in color, the individual parts are all shown in red. Includes:
  • 8 cards with labels
  • 8 cards without labels
  • 8 labels
  • 1 black-line master
2. Spider Nomenclature Book ($): Spider Nomenclature Book illustrates and describes 8 parts of the spider: spider, prosoma, spinnerets, abdomen, eyes, chelicerae, pedipalps, and legs. Includes:
  • book cover
  • 8 picture cards
  • 8 description cards
3. Types of Spiders 3-Part Cards ($): Includes 17 types of spiders: redback, tarantula, wolf, banana, mouse, daddy long-legs, black widow, six-eyed, trapdoor, triangular, mirror, goldenrod crab, brown recluse, spiny orb-weaver, camel, barn, and jumping. Includes:
  • 17 pictures with labels
  • 17 pictures without labels
  • 17 labels
  • title card
4. Spider life cycle mat and 3 part cards ($): Spider life cycle mat and 3 part cards. These cards are perfect or learning about spiders and their life cycles. This set features 3 part cards, and a life cycle spinner! This set is perfect for children ages 3-6, or those simply interested in learning more about spiders! Learn how to use these materials to create hands on spider life activities with these printables in our Spider Life Cycle Article. Psst! These are great for a Halloween study, too! INCLUDES:
  • Life cycle activity spinner
  • Life cycle control cards
  • Life cycle label cards
  • Life cycle image cards
5. Types of Spiders Cards ($): There are 20 Spiders cards in this set including Black Widow spider life cycle. Cards featured are - Black Widow, egg sack, baby spiderlings, young spiderlings, Brown recluse spider, Hobo spider, Mouse spider, Wolf spider, Trapdoor spider, Garden Orb Weaver, Spiny Orb Weaver, Brazillian Wandering spider, Tarantula, Wasp spider, Yellow Crab spider, Bolas spider, Diving Bell spider, Ogre Face spider, Ladybird spider, Peacocok spider.
  1. Print and use as flash cards / control cards.
  2. Print out cards and cut the word from the picture and use for matching word to picture.
  3. Print two sets and use for matching picture to picture and word to word.
Have a spiderrific time! ~Lisa  (Want to P I N for later?!)

Photo by AdrianoSetimo on / CC BY-NC-SA

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