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Need guidance and help in organizing your Montessori math lessons?

Montessori Stamp Game photo

Both my girls really need to master their math facts, I am thinking that the Stamp Game and Checkerboard would be very helpful.

I am hoping you can offer some insight and guidance into how I should organize my lessons as this is not my area of expertise. Thank you for help.

Many of the Montessori math lessons dovetail, however, you can do the Golden Beads and or the Snake Games, first, as they are more concrete. The Golden Beads are costly. But you can get something similar and less costly.

The Stamp Game is great too, but if you can do the Golden Beads or the Snake Game first, that is better.

As for multiplication, the Skip Counting is what you want to do, as well as the 100 Chain and the 1000 Chain which you can make with paper strips, and, the Cube Chain of Five lesson.

As for "practice worksheets of some kind to put the concepts to paper and pencil" you can make addition and subtraction sheets, just write down simple problems, ten per page, and make copies of them, so the child can repeat them a few times. 

My director did this to prepare kids for elementary school. But she did them after presenting the Golden Beads and the Snake Games. However, I would recommend doing the problem sheets after the Addition Charts and Subtraction Charts, as they are important for memorization (otherwise the children just counted using their fingers). There is also the Dot Game for writing and making problems.

For organizing your lesson plans, like a logbook or notebook, Montessori schools have lists of all the lessons, and before each teacher-parent conference, the teacher would mark off what the child mastered, what she was working on (in progress), and left blank what she did not have a lesson on. 

~Lisa Nolan

(This post was originally published in Montessori on a Budget.)

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