Montessori and the Adolescent, Part 1 (Podcast episode)

Montessori and the Adolescent, Part One (Podcast Episode 06)

Given the shooting tragedies at American high schools, I decided to revisit my Montessori albums including Maria Montessori's "The Mind of the 12 to 18 Year Old" and her "Prepared Environment for 12 to 18 Year Olds: the Erdkinder (Earth Children)." It was so enlightening to read her words, her philosophy and methodology, and how potent and relevant they STILL are in the 21st Century. Listen here or download and listen later: Montessori and the Adolescent, Part 1

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Did you know I started a (public) podcast in 2018 called Confessions of a Montessori Mom?! Yup! But I got ahead of myself and stopped after about ten episodes... I decided, instead, to focus on my private Montessori podcast for my members and subscribers. However, I want to resume my podcast in January 2020! This is one of the episodes that went live! Enjoy! ~Lisa Nolan
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