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My Confessions of a Montessori Mom podcast

My Confessions of a Montessori Mom Podcast!

My Confessions of a Montessori Mom podcast with me, Lisa Nolan of Montessori for the Earth, offers Montessori tips, advice, and more for parents, homeschoolers, and daycare providers of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and lower elementary children.

Montessori and Toddlers Sitting Through Meal Time

Toddler sitting at a table with plates of food

This might bit a bit irrelevant but will like to know what is the Montessori way of teaching toddlers to sit throughout mealtime. He will play with his food after he is about half full and will either ask me to feed him the rest or he will just go running around.

Two things: when he begins walking around... Keep reading at my sister blog, Montessori for the Earth! 

Photo by Spitzgogo_CHEN (Nokia 6230i) on / CC BY-NC