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Are You a Snowed-in Montessori Mom? We're Here to Help!

Are You a Snowed-in Montessori Mom? We're Here to Help!

Are you a snowed-in Montessori momma living in the US or Canada? There have been SNOWSTORMS GALORE! They're all over the news! Are you getting cabin fever, SAD, or anxiety, are you confused or worried about what to do all day with your children? We are here to help! We have like-minded Montessori Moms with comments, activities, advice, and we created a place on our Facebook page, click here, for you to rant and rave, share your stories, activities, tips, and advice, snow photos... a space to let your hair down (if it's not FROZEN, movie reference, get it?).

Dana White Lampkin says: "We're tired of going to the McDonald's playland just to get my kids out of the house! Our snow finally started melting and one of my kids said....Look grass! I forgot what it looked like!"

Amanda Brown says "We will be doing more crafts later... Right now we are getting some major cleaning and organizing done since my husband is home to do heavy lifting."

Beth Marshall says "We are a little stir crazy here. We had no power yesterday afternoon. We did make Valentine's that I have to mail - they will be a bit late, lol. The gym we go to is open so we are doing a family workout this afternoon. I am looking forward to that."

Julia Dawn Cowell says "We are snowed in here in MO. Poor little man is in deep need of gross motor fun. Thankfully we have gotten creative, and have an amazing community center here in our small town, just two blocks away. The center offers mats to use for gymnastics and some very old wooden bleachers/stairs to climb all day. At home we have some non toxic foam blocks that look like wood that are great for throwing, dumping and sliding into just because. My amazing husband also made a make shift balance beam. We have a rocking horse, and a tricycle in the house too, along with the usual helper tower, for climbing and gross motor."

Marie Mack says "We are SNOWED IN!! We just switched out all our activities. Kids liked helping and now we have all new activities to work with. Might have to do it again tomorrow because it's SNOWING AGAIN!"

Aubrey, Montessori mom and blogger at Montessori Mischief says: "We have lots of snow, and right now my husband and 6yo are out there shoveling it. It's melting already, but I think they're having fun!" She's also sharing some of her activities including how to have an indoor ice party, make a cotton ball snowball fight, and finding calm in watercolor snowflakes.  

Seemi, Montessori teacher and blogger at Trillium Montessori shares some terrific winter-themed art projects from her classroom! Read it here!

You can make a Winter-themed (non-Christmas) holiday basket, see my lesson here!

Do you have anything to share? Snow photos, storm stories, rants and raves, activities, winter humor, some good books to read for moms or kids, then head on over to our Facebook page here!

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