Make Montessori Christmas Clay Beads and Trees

Make Montessori Christmas Clay Beads {Confessions of a Montessori Mom blog}

Make Montessori Christmas clay beads as gifts, tree decorations, or just for fun! Materials needed: clay, paint, confetti or glitter glue. To make clay beads you need some clay. I bought a small, 5 pound bucket of Crayola white 'air-dry clay' at a local Michael's craft store on sale. It is best to order small amounts at a time because the clay dries out after so many months. (When it does dry out, add 1/4 of water over the clay and let sit over night.)

We used an ice cream scooper for the clay to scoop it out. If your child is too young for the ice cream scooper, make several scoops and place them in another container for the child to access.


Make Montessori Christmas Clay Beads and Trees

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