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Infant Mouthing Montessori Materials In a Nutshell

Infant mouthing a green block

Hello. I am having a hard time getting my son to use his materials the correct way. He will either gnaw on them, hit them to the table or ground, or "windshield wipe" them with his arm across the room. He's 11 months old, and we've tried object permanence box with drawer, single bead on a wire, the donuts that stack onto a post, single shape puzzles, and 3-D shapes that go onto the shaped holes. Thanks!

Your infant is in an oral stage of development, the height of which is 12 months!

Give him lots of safe objects he can explore with his mouth, wash them each night, put them in the dishwasher, or dirty laundry.

You also need to give him "finger foods" to chew on.

Your child is also interested in throwing because it is a new skill he is learning, and it is very common at this age! So give him items he can throw: pot holders, rolled-up socks, and bean bags.

So your child will be cruising and then walking, and his sensitive period for the oral motor will decrease. ~Lisa Nolan

Photo credit: jusgre / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA