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Inspired Global Art and Music for Montessori Moms

Inspired Global Art and Music for Montessori Moms {Confessions of a Montessori Mom blog}

I've been trying to balance my son's education and extra curricular experiences by incorporating art, music, and poetry in our home. OK, it helps that I am a Montessori trained teacher and a mom but part of it is mom guilt: I want my son to know and experience what I had as a child raised by a single mom in the cultural city of San Francisco. Alas, my family now lives in the suburbs, and it is no cultural mecca. And being that I'm also a blogger, what better chance than to share my Montessori experiences with other Montessori moms, including art and music! So let's begin!

"Let us give the world to the child..."--Maria Montessori.

My main resource for world is Global Art. I LOVE THIS BOOK: Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World . I started using it in the fall. It has over 100 projects that focus on process art and not product art. The Table of Contents is listed by continent; there are helpful icons in each project including Experience level; Art techniques; and Planning and preparation. The experience levels are one star for beginners, two stars for a bit of art experience, and three stars for more experienced artists. The art techniques used in the book (and or the icons) are painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, construction, and printing. Lastly, the planning and preparation icons are 1, 2, or 3. A #1 means all materials can probably be found in your home; a #2 means you may need to purchase a few items, and #3 means most of the materials will need to be purchased.

I also love how the book is indexed in the back. First, the projects are listed by 'Art Medium'; next, 'Experience level'; 'Preparation'; 'Index of Terms and Materials'; 'Index of Activities by County or Continent'; and lastly by an 'Alphabetical Activity List'. See some of the activities I did with my son here in my SmugMug gallery.


Another book I really love and recommend is Voices: Poetry and Art from Around the World: "Poetry and art from six continents celebrate a sense of place in this beautiful anthology from Barbara Brenner and National Geographic... In Voices, readers will get a powerful sense of the human family as it speaks to us all through the universal language of poetry and art." I discovered this book from my library and fell in love with it, the photos are stunning, and I enjoy reading the variety of poems out loud to my son. It's a great way to introduce different cultures (through art and poems). (Find Voices used here on

(See more Global Art and Voices book photos in my online gallery at SmugMug here.) In Montessori we introduce different cultures through such lesson activities as geography and the study of the continents starting with the World Puzzle Map (also called the Continent Puzzle Map). Continue reading this post in my Introduction to Montessori Art, Music, and Poetry Plus Planner ebook  (on my ebook page, which includes access to my on-line language photo galleries and more)! 

You may also be interested in my Montessori and homeschool programs at Montessori for the Earth. ~Lisa Nolan

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