How to Prepare a Montessori Home Environment for Art

"To confer the gift of drawing we must create an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, and a soul that feels; and in this task the whole of life must cooperate. In this sense life itself is the only preparation for drawing." --Maria Montessori

Introduction to Montessori Art and Handwork Part Two is from my Montessori training manual COSMIC EDUCATION by Ursula Thrush. (Read part one here.) It is intended for Montessori teachers-in-training in a Montessori school. My comments on Montessori art in the home follows.

"The direct aim for art is self expression. Therefore, all material necessary for the art exercises should be readily available to the child.The adult prepares and maintains the 3 to 6 environment, and acts as the dynamic link between the child and the environment. You initiate the child by showing him the means, the processes, and the techniques of using the different media. Then withdraw to leave the child to his own imagination and creativity. Suggestions and techniques are offered, but not imposed. In the areas of skills for personal expression, we introduce the child to painting, drawing, clay work, paper cutting, pasting, weaving, printing, and sewing..."

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