Introduction to Montessori Music

Introduction to Montessori Music (Montessori Art & Music Series Part THREE)

Montessori Music Introduction and Outline: Music is one of the languages with which men can express themselves. The more one knows about it, the more one can enjoy and appreciate it. We try to bring music to our children in school, and give them an early and lasting impression and understanding of it. We start with listening and progress to singing. Sing more songs the children know, nursery rhymes, scales, the question and answer games to the scale and accompany the children on the bells. The bells are limited in key and range (key of C, from middle C to high C) which is good, because the children hear the same key and range, repeatedly. Once the children's interest has been caught by bells, give them the sensorial experience of handling the bells. Teach them to listen to sounds in general, and expand this acuity through the listening game. Have the children listen to isolated sound, as in the sound boxes, and then go to the bells. When the children are familiar with the sound of the bells, proceed to pairing the bells, which should be done for a long time before going to the grading the bells and the grading games. All this increases the children's enjoyment of the other music activities, singing tunes, singing with the bells, scales and tunes, music and movement, dancing, rhythmic and melodic response to a pattern (teacher singing--children clapping in time, teacher singing--children singing and clapping). 

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