Beginning Montessori Music

Beginning Montessori Music: Montessori Art & Music Series Part TWO

In part two of my Montessori Art and Music Series I will cover Montessori music and the following activities: "Using a Musical Instrument for Social Grace and Courtesy"; "Introducing Different Types of Music and Keeping a Music Journal"; and "Singing, Clapping, and the Silence Game (Circle Time)." 

Using a Musical Instrument for Social Grace and Courtesy: First, what is Montessori Social Grace and Courtesy? Here are quotes from my Montessori training manual "SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS" [Grace & Courtesy], an excerpt from "COSMIC EDUCATION According to Maria Montessori, Lecture Notes of Ursula Thrush", copyright 1977. Pages 149-151. 

"Exercises teaching grace and courtesy give the child self-assurance. She knows she can behave and act properly toward her fellow beings. Such exercises help her to imitate her peers and adapt to her group; and by doing so she gains independence. The technique of politeness sets the child free. 

"It is essential that all exercises be introduced with the greatest of accuracy; slowly, precisely, and in logical sequence. The grade of difficulty and the challenge of the task must be within her power to overcome. Start with the simplest movements and from this progress to more difficult ones. If the child is not ready for the task or has been shown incorrectly, her vain attempts will frustrate her. In that case the task should be presented again and again with the greatest of accuracy until the child is able to grasp and imitate it. Once the child has understood and is able to imitate, let her be... [and move on to the next skill in another lesson at another time].

"It is essential to understand that the child is following inner impulses when she is doing these exercises, and that she is learning to build an ability to do a certain thing. (Not just to get a mirror polished perfectly.) 

"Exercises in Practical Life fulfill the child's need for independence. The child needs to adapt the need for a purposeful motor activity; and he needs to repeat that activity until he reaches perfection." 

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Beginning Montessori Music: Montessori Art & Music Series Part TWO

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