Montessori and Early Readers: a review of The Sense of Wonder Series and The Peacekeeper Series, Level I.

Montessori and Early Readers: a review (at Confessions of a Montessori Mom)

Reading begins after writing in a Montessori primary classroom (with children ages three to six). Therefore you will always find "early readers" on Montessori preschool and Montessori homeschool language shelves for ages five and up. I had the privilege of reading and reviewing some early readers from Montessori Services.

The Sense of Wonder Series was written and illustrated by Joan Gilbert and published by Parent Child Press, an independent publishing press founded by Montessori author Aline D. Wolf. There are six books in the series, averaging ten pages each. There are simple artistic drawings and most all of them have some aspect of nature in order to be "appealing to children's innate sense of wonder":  seeds, ants, the woods, wind, sun, and sand. The paper is high quality card stock and should last quite some time in a Montessori or homeschool classroom.

The text is written in calligraphy and the phonograms and blends are printed in a different color. Some of these include sh, ee, oo, th, ew, ou, er, or, sh, qu, ng, ck, ar, ow, and wh. So a child who has mastered (learned) all the Montessori green sandpaper sounds (blends/phonograms) and is learning the Montessori phonogram booklets, would be best suited to read this set. If your don't have these Montessori materials, you can create your own phonogram/blend cards by writing the ones listed on the back of each book on each of your cards. There are also many sight words in these books (also called Puzzle Words or Funny Words in a Montessori) and they are also listed.
Montessori and Early Readers: a review (at Confessions of a Montessori Mom)
The second set of early readers I reviewed is The Peacekeeper Series, Level I, written by Marianne Bivins and illustrated with simple black and white drawings by Betty Bivins Edwards. There are eight books in this series, averaging nine pages each, and the stories take place in a Montessori classroom. Most of the three to five-letter words in each book have short vowel sounds. A few words are longer, like "sandbox" and "ladder". However, the drawings can help the child read these big words

Each book has the same theme of "peacekeeping" in which a problem or conflict occurs between children and then gets resolved at the end. This series would make a wonderful extension of Montessori's Peace Education, as well as Montessori's Social Grace and Courtesy, in a primary classroom.

Both sets of readers have a home-made feel, which I really like, and I know children will love! A lot of love, care, and thought went into the creation of these books, and I recommend them for any Montessori preschool or homeschool who wants to grow their early reader collection.

Follow these links to learn more about *The Sense of Wonder Series item L750; and the The Peacekeeper Series item R140.

UPDATE: The Sense of Wonder Series  is no longer available on Montessori Services. You will have to buy them used on eBay
If you are looking for more early reading language materials, the following are Montessori-friendly materials I bought/own and recommend at Montessori Services: Phonetic Reading Cards; the early reader Bob Books; Language Object Starter Set and the Language Object Labels; and the Padded Blank Labels (for making your own labels of objects and items around the house).


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