Should You Create a Montessori Homeschool Zone?

I often get asked the question of whether or not you should have a separate Montessori school area or school zone in your home. It can depend on how much room you have, and the age of your children!

Some tips: School Zone: One room or gated off area can be a "school zone" or "school area" where you all go together to do the (Montessori) activities in the environment, including activities that the children need more help with or lessons on. The rest of the house can still be set up like a Montessori environment, where everything has its place, but the activities are "loose": activities that do not require a lesson or much help from you so you can go about doing your thing, so to speak, and your children can be doing their thing... also in this area can be non-Montessori activities, if you have any, (Legos, dress up, play kitchen, etc.) much like an after school, or rainy day, or a daycare area.

Daycare Style: Or you can have everything (Montessori and non-Montessori activities) in one room, and the rest of the house is just that, the rest of the house. In their bedroom(s) you can have just a few items for quiet time (books, stuffed animals, music). This would be more like a daycare environment, where all the activities are in the playroom, with a seperate area for eating together, and another area (like a bedroom) for napping together.

And "school zones" as stated earlier are typically used for homeschooling older kids, say five and up, but can be used for preschoolers three and up. With toddlers you have (still) a lot of flexibility!

You might try it one way (daycare style) and if it does not work, try it another way (school zone).

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~Lisa Nolan