Montessori Reading (or Memorizing?)

Photo by Lisa Nolan
When is a child in Montessori (preschool) truly reading? What is true reading, any way--is there only one answer, or several? And how do you deal with children who are not quite there yet?

I received a response to one of my posts that brought up an excellent topic for discussion. Here is part of the comment that a mom left about her son reading (or memorizing) in a Montessori classroom:

My husband and I have decided to pull our son out of his Montessori school. He is five years old and a typical little boy... plays outdoors and loves crafts. His Montessori school is not a motivating or a challenging environment for him. He began to read Bob books at home for us. We were so excited for him and told his teacher. The teacher immediately said that he had the books memorized. She said this in front of my son.... She also refuses to send a book home with him because she said Montessori rules states that they have to read the book to the teacher first and write out all the words.


I can tell you how we did "Montessori reading" in our classroom...

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~Lisa Nolan

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