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Dress Up Fun If You Can Afford the Mirror!

Dress Up Fun If You Can Afford the Mirror!

For two years I searched for an affordable (OK, cheap) acrylic child-safe mirror for my son. I lived near two children's second-hand stores, a Salvation Army, a Goodwill, and two other second-hand stores (who needs eBay!)... but I never found one. So I searched online, first with eBay (OK, I need eBay), then I did a Google search. It took a few hours, but

I found a baby-proof stand-alone mirror out there in Cyberspace (OK, someone's warehouse). IT COST A SMALL FORTUNE!

Since when did dressing up in front of a mirror become so expensive? 

After the gold-plated mirror arrived (OK, wood-framed mirror) I set up a basket with three items in it for my son to use for playing in front of the mirror. He loved it, as I knew he would.

It made me think of those VISA commercials you see on TV: scarf, $10. Sunglasses, $18. Hat, $15. Mirror plus shipping, $100. Watching your three-year-old play dress up, priceless! 

(I made up those prices, except for the freakin' mirror!) Maybe I should go into the child-mirror-making business!

~Lisa Nolan