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Toddler's Lack of Interest with Montessori Activities

Toddler's Lack of Interest  with Montessori Activities

My son is 27 months old. I usually rotate activities and toys every week. When he likes an activity he chooses it on his own and repeats the exercises. But after three days he is bored. 

This week he is not interested in any of the activities I set up for him. 

What should I do? keep trying other activities? take away the activities as soon as he shows no interest? Give him a break?--Sandra

Every parent goes through this with toddlers, it almost sums up their development, hot and cold: they want you one minute and push you away and the next, they want help, they don't want help, they like activities, then they don't them... They are in a "tween" stage of development (they are between an infant and a preschooler).

Often toddlers show a lack of interest in activities when they want to be mom's helper, they go through a phase where they want to sweep, fold clothes, wipe the table, set the table, water the plants... activities they see adults do around the house. Perhaps you can give him more opportunities to help out at home.

There is also a phase where they love playing in the water. If you have an outside area, try putting activities outside that allow for interaction with water, scrubbing a bike, washing a window, watering plants, large pouring... and this water fascination dovetails with potty training readiness.

There could also be a strong interest in songs and movement and dancing. Try those activities at circle time or playtime.

Rotating: You can leave the activity in the environment for two weeks, then rotate it out!

~Lisa Nolan

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