Montessori and Trouble Reading Phonetically

I get asked a lot of questions about learning how to read using the Montessori Method and language materials...and I give my pro-phonics answer, with the understanding that learning to decode words at such an early age (five to six) can be really hard for some children, including mine.

I now have a different take on learning how to read because my son has Down syndrome. He is learning to read (he's seven) but he cannot decode words, he cannot sound out words, alas he cannot learn to read using just the Montessori language materials, yet.

When it came to pre-reading, my son learned pre-reading skills using the Montessori Method at home: he interacted with many geometric shapes and puzzles; he learned the sounds that letters made; he tried writing the letters (very difficult at first, so we used a lot of chalk on chalkboard and writing numbers using the sandpaper numbers; and free-drawing on a sketch pad). We also played I Spy with the first and last sounds of phonetic objects.

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~Lisa Nolan

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