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Fussy Tot When Changing Diapers & Clothes

Fussy Tot When Changing Diapers & Clothes {Confessions of a Montessori Mom}

My son flips and turns during his diaper changes and fusses when I put clothes on him... any suggestions?

This is the most common complaint I hear from moms of boys! My son was this way! What really helps is to:
1) sing songs to him
2) play a tape/CD of baby or children's songs
3) give him a toy to hold and play with
4) have a mobile above the changing area
5) just do it very fast (HA!) and use easy clothes that don't take long for dressing and undressing--no more snaps, no buttons, nothing tight
6) try the floor for changing
7) change them upon waking when they are less active
8) when your child is close to walking, take away the changing table and use a bench or stool.

When a child goes from an infant to a tot/toddler, they start to form their own self-identity, apart from mom, and they learn they can actually be in control of their bodies, their environment, their decisions... but their skill level and speech are lacking! So they get frustrated!

Changing clothes: until your child is able to do it herself, you will need to do it for her/help her, but easier said than done!

You can try motivators: "If you let mom help you get your clothes on, then we can have breakfast, or watch a video, or go outside and play..." At bedtime, it is easier to change her after a bath.

~Lisa Nolan

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