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What are Montessori's thoughts on reading great literature and reading widely?

What are Montessori's thoughts on reading great literature and reading widely? I am reading about elementary and the Montessori Method as well as Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy. I appreciate the practical nature of Montessori and how one step indirectly prepares the child for the next step. Can you give me any help in this area?

As you dive into Montessori elementary, you will learn about time lines (more on that later).

In Montessori preschool you begin with Cosmic Education: Fundamental Needs of Man or People, the Spiritual Needs of People, the Clock of Eras, the Time Line of Life, the story of God Who Had No Hands, and so forth.

You continue in elementary with time lines in which you have the History of Civilization, for example, laid out like a long roll of paper across the room. On the paper you have written and illustrated the beginning of man like cave men, BC, AD, and on up through all the main periods of civilization.

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~Lisa Nolan

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