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Montessori and Baby Throwing Things on the Ground

Montessori and Baby Throwing Things on the Ground {Confessions of a Montessori Mom} #Montessori #Infant

Montessori and Baby Throwing Things on the Ground

What about a baby who is constantly throwing things on the ground? How can the Montessori Method be applied?

Throwing is a newly-learned skill for an infant, and it will pass, but it is an important stage of development! However, to avoid injury, you can replace plastic and wooden toys with soft ones, like softballs, stuffed animals, and cloth toys (see below bughouse).

You may have to put puzzles and books away for a while if they are getting thrown! And you can play into the throwing and retrieve the object, or ignore it.

The benefit for babies throwing objects, especially from a highchair, stroller, or in mom's arms, is the development of "object permanence":  that if something cannot be seen it still exists. The baby will throw an object, and then look to find it, reinforcing this concept. So let the throwing begin!

More ideas for placing soft, safe objects in your environment: pot holders, rolled-up socks, tied-up scarves, and cloth baby books.

When the tot is 18 to 24 months, and object permanence has been developed, throwing has to be regulated as the tot will throw a toy that can hit another child or pet (or parent)! So at some point, you will need to say, "No throwing toys," or "Balls are for throwing...outside." You can also make a throwing bean bag game if your tot insists on throwing (and who may become a future sports star!).

~Lisa Nolan

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