Is it too late to start Montessori homeschooling with my nine-year-old?

I am strongly considering homeschooling next year. I have been reading a lot on the internet about Montessori... I am pretty convinced that my five-year-old would thrive in this environment. Her brother is currently in 3rd grade.

We had him in a "homeschooling school" for two years, and two years in public school. I'm not happy with either. I really want my kids to think outside of the box and follow their passions. Is the Montessori methodology the way I need to explore? Is creativity innate or is it fostered?

I think you can begin Montessori homeschooling at any age, and the elementary curriculum offers a lot of choices for math, language, science, and so forth, that are superior to traditional approaches. The "foundation" will be different since you are started a little (or a lot late), and this is not uncommon. I always tell homeschoolers getting a late start (using Montessori) not to dwell on it! You want your children to love learning, that should always be your bottom line!

"I really want my kids to think outside of the box and follow their passions." I believe Montessori is based in this premise!

"Is this methodology the way I need to explore?" Yes, and others, too.

"Is creativity innate or is it fostered?" It is both!

What many homeschoolers do is use Montessori along with OTHER homeschool curriculum... and you may want to consider this for your nine-year-old.
Many homeschoolers are attracted to Montessori elementary but are Creationist, so will only use Montessori math and language; or they are OK with the Montessori sciences but cannot afford the math materials or find them too much for them so they will use another homeschool math program...

So I guess I'm saying it doesn't have to be all or nothing; and you can be open to whatever you find "out there" for your children, including Montessori.


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