Is My Child Ready for Phonetic Reading and the Reading Object Box?

During the second lesson for the Montessori Reading Object Box, when my four-year-old daughter saw the object "cat," instead of sounding each letter she immediately spelled "c-a-t". Do I need to ask her to sound it out again? or do I move on to using different objects? I don't think she is ready for phonetic reading yet. What do you suggest that we do? Is the Montessori Reading Object Box beyond her level?

Objects for the Reading Object Box: sometimes it is better to use objects that are less common, objects that the child has not memorized in terms of how they are spelled. Use less familiar objects like "box" and "tub" (there is a great object box you can get from Montessori Services).

Also, some four and five-year-old children are not ready for phonetic reading, for sounding out words/objects. It could be that you need to back up and do more I Spy (last sound, then middle sound), as well as more Movable Alphabet.

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~Lisa Nolan

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