Three-Year-Old Struggling With Montessori Letters and Numbers

My three-year-old son is currently in a Montessori preschool...I don’t think he is working to his potential, rather, the teachers are sticking with his age and lessons accordingly. He is very smart! He knew all his letters both upper and lower case, and his numbers 0-10 when he was just turning three.  We were just starting to learn the letter sounds...Unfortunately, the daycare he was at didn’t work with him, and the Montessori teachers keep telling me he is too young to work on letter sounds and numbers. Now he has forgotten most of it. He struggles with his letters and numbers now. I am very frustrated! I am not sure where I should start, and need to acquire materials as quickly and as inexpensive as possible!

When we refer to a child's struggle, think of it more as a matter of their interest and stage of development--children under the age of three show a brief interest in numbers and letters--then it goes away for a while. A three-year-old still has two more years to learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, and one more year to learn his numbers from 0-10.
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~Lisa Nolan

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