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How to Begin Teaching the Alphabet

How to Begin Teaching the Alphabet

A concerned mom asked me the following question about teaching her child the alphabet: "I am struggling with how to begin with teaching the alphabet. There is the whole words route: the Doman, 'teach your baby to read'. Then there is the traditional way: teach the names of the letters first. Now, as I read about the Montessori method, I gather that letter sounds should be taught first. In your opinion, where is the best place to start?"

If you want to follow the traditional Montessori Method, you introduce the sounds that lowercase letters make at around age three. At age four children write the letters and make words, phonetically, using the Movable Alphabet ("The moveable alphabet allows the child to express his thoughts even though he does not know how to write yet").

At age five you introduce the names of letters, and the uppercase letters, and phonetic reading.
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~Lisa Nolan

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