Montessori Fine Motor and Pre Writing Activities

I think that my daughter just doesn't have good fine motor skills. She likes to color but is not good at it at all. She just started writing her name but can't write too many letters, no numbers except one. She's a climber so she has great gross motor skills. What do you recommend for working on fine motor skills in a fun way?

Montessori Fine motor and pre writing activities:

Using stencils is fun for early writers, so if you can find ones that include animals since she likes animals she might enjoy that. If you get cardboard stencils (which come in a box) the only problem will be putting the stencil on paper with a paper clip... you will have to work with her on that. Make it a game: call the paper clip an alligator who is going to bite the paper by opening its mouth. She will use pencils to trace but can color after wards with markers.

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~Lisa Nolan

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