Montessori Sitting and Self-Feeding for Baby

Montessori Sitting and Self-Feeding for Baby

Should I be transitioning my infant tot from her high chair to sitting at a toddler table? Also, my infant tot isn't feeding herself. Should I be helping her learn how to feed herself? And, how do I do this?

Chairs: Chairs can flip over, and they are hard to push in and pull out from tables.

I'd wait for stools and chairs until your baby is "cruising" (walking while holding onto the couch or a table). However, you can have a stool and table around for her to explore when she's ready.

Eating and self-feeding: You should have your baby sit with you while you eat (on your lap, in a baby carrier or highchair) and let her watch you and your family during mealtime.

When she is being fed and or having a bottle, and after the age of six months give her safe finger foods on her tray in her highchair to explore. Give her finger foods when she is in her stroller, too.

You want to try food she can pick up, but not choke on. I found some ideas here:

When you feed her solids, give her a spoon of her own to hold onto while you feed her!

Usually by twelve months a baby can drink out of a straw, so at that age try giving your baby a straw sippy cup.

~Lisa Nolan AKA Lisa L Lewis

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