"Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Toddler Gone, Oh..."

Where's my little toddler who says, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!" Or who insisits on doing everything himself! My toddler who used to take long naps, and eat like a horse (a small horse, OK, a pony, a small pony).
He's turning into a three year old preschooler! (THANK GOODNESS!)
Yes, I can really see the difference in my growing tot, longer and leaner, and do I dare say, he listens to me now (sort of). Shorter naps, which means he falls asleep earlier at night!
He's still a monkey, running and climbing and throwing and jumping all around, but how can I say it, he's becoming more wiley. He waits until I go into the bathroom, for example, to climb over the gate into the kitchen!
And he now shows a strong and growing interest in numbers and counting, a sure sign the toddler year(s) are going, going, gone.
Did I say THANK GOODNESS! Yes, I did!
Bye, bye tantrums and fights over changing diapers and clothes (well, almost!)

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