Top Five Montessori-Friendly Halloween Picture Books

Photo by Yvonne Goodrich
Here are my TOP FIVE Montessori-friendly Halloween picture books for children ages three to six. What is a Montessori-friendly picture book? (You can read my post about it including non-Halloween books here.) It is a fiction or non-fiction book (typically for three to six-year-olds) that introduces young children to the real world in all its variations (and not adult-created fantasy). From these realistic variations, children can use their own imagination and creativity.

So without further blog-speak, here they are! Click any book and it will take you to my picture gallery with a photo of an inside page and the author.

Photo by Lisa Nolan
MOONLIGHT: "Told in eloquently simple, lyrical words, with dazzling, luminous paintings, "Moonlight" evokes not just the excitement of Halloween, but something more -- the reassuring warmth and friendliness that is a special part of this special night." (

Photo by Lisa Nolan
PATTY'S PUMPKIN PATCH: "In this perfect lead-in or follow-up to a visit to a pumpkin patch, see what keeps Patty busy all year long." (

Photo by Lisa Nolan
TRICK OR TREAT: "When Merlin the wizard answers the door, trick-or-treating becomes more tricky than usual. Suddenly everything turns Wackbards! Those tasty jelly beans have turned into silly belly jeans! Enjoy this hilarious Halloween treat that's guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and your funny bone!" (

Photo by Lisa Nolan
PUMPKIN PUMPKIN: "Jamie plants a pumpkin seed in the spring and, after watching it grow all summer, carves a face in it for Halloween But best of all, he saves some seeds that he will plant again next spring." (

Photo by Lisa Nolan
ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT: "In this spellbinding counting rhyme, one witch, two cats, three owls, and other assorted creatures of the night add up to one mysterious Halloween. It's just enough to give gentle jitters to young readers counting their way from one to thirteen on their way through the haunted woods." (

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