Halloween Activities with Montessori Metal Insets

Photo by Lisa Nolan

It's getting close to Halloween! Make fun drawings with the Montessori Metal Insets! Younger children can use the red metal frames and washable markers. Older children can use the blue, knobbed insets with colored pencils.


Photo by Lisa Nolan
 Paper: Use large pieces of paper for your drawings, butcher paper, brown paper bags, or the inside of cereal boxes for your drawings. I used a drawing pad.

Older children can trace and draw on cardstock paper and use paint.

Cutting: (For children who use scissors well) trace and draw on construction paper using colored pencils, then cut out the Halloween figures and hang them in windows and doorways, espcially bats and spiders!

Photo by Lisa Nolan
Metal Insets. From my Montessori training manual: 
  • Point of Consciousness: When you draw, make sure you know where you want to start and finish, so you make one smooth line.
  • Control of Error: The lines staying within the outline.
  • Indirect Aim: Writing.
  • Direct Aim: To acquire control of pencil and lightness of touch in using it.
  • Age: 3 1/2 and up.
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