Montessori in the Home PDF for Birth to Age Nine

Montessori in the Home PDF for Birth to Age Nine

Montessori in the Home FAQs for Birth to Nine is a 130-page, text-only, printer-friendly ebook PDF that was created by Lisa Nolan, a 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 Montessori-trained teacher with over 25 years of experience. It addresses the many challenges that parents face when implementing the Montessori Method in a home (or homeschool) environment with children age birth to nine.

The book is divided into several sections:
  • Infant FAQs
  • Toddler FAQs
  • Should You Montessori Homeschool? Questions and Answers
  • FAQs about Montessori Homeschooling
  • FAQs about Montessori Language, Reading, and Writing
  • FAQs about Montessori Subjects
  • FAQs about Behavior-Related Issues when Trying to Montessori Homeschool
  • The Child and the Montessori Environment
  • Montessori and non-Montessori resources
The last section, Montessori and non-Montessori resources, offers an updated (2016) list of resources, including Where to Buy Affordable Montessori Materials, Where to Find Elementary Materials & Free Downloads off the Beaten Path, and Recommended Non-Montessori Websites for Materials and Activities. View the table of contents here. This PDF is NOT a Montessori album. It does NOT include lessons or activities. It does NOT include images or photos.

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~Lisa Nolan, Montessori on a Budget

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