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Montessori Math on a Shoestring: Golden Beads

Montessori Math on a Shoestring Part One: Golden Beads {Montessori on a Budget}

The Montessori math materials were some of my favorite activities in my Montessori 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 training. I loved the hands-on, sensorial aspect to them, giving the child a concrete foundation from which to build on. But once I started teaching, it took lots of practice to do them adequately with my students! Luckily I had two co-teachers who were very experienced!

But what if you are a homeschooling mom? Not only do you need to learn the lessons of the math materials, but you have to buy and or make them! They can be very expensive and time consuming to make! And there's also the question of WHAT to buy and or make! But do you REALLY need ALL of the materials?

I have been consulting and helping homeschoolers implement Montessori in the home or in a daycare setting since 1998, and Montessori math STILL remains a challenge! So I am sharing my resources with you today to help make these wonderful materials affordable and less time consuming to make.

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My Top Picks
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