Learn to Draw: a book review

Learn to Draw is a 16-page book for ages five and up with "Simple forms in the home and garden" and "Easy to follow instructions" by Lizzy Rockwell, an author and illustrator of over two dozen children's books. She is also a teacher of quilting, drawing, and painting.

The illustrations are in black and white; four pages are for coloring in and drawing on including "Draw things in the room"; "Draw things in the kitchen"; "Draw things in the garage"; and "Draw things in the garden".

The book is subtly divided into areas: How to draw things in the garden, the garage, the kitchen, and in my room. The end of the book has a section called "These are my favorite things" with spaces to draw a toy, an animal, a flower, and several other objects from the book.

The statement on the front cover that says "Easy to follow instructions" is a misnomer: there are no written instructions, but as is typical in a how to draw book, there are line drawings to follow that are quite advanced for a five-year-old. So I am recommending this book ages seven and up, and for children who are advanced in drawing with pencils but want to continue to learn how to draw familiar objects from around the home and garden using step-by-step pictures.

The book as a whole is very lovely and would make a nice addition to an older child's sketch-art book collection.

Learn to Draw (item number A165) can be found at Montessori Services at Montessori Services. I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of writing a review from Montessori Services, and with whom I am also an affiliate. I get a small commission if you purchase the book, or any other materials, from the links provided in my blog. Thank you!

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