My Top 12 Montessori in 2012

Top 12 Montessori in 2012 and Blog Hop
Photo by Lisa Nolan

2012 has come to a close as we welcome in 2013! Now is a perfect opportunity to look back and share my favorite Montessori and inspired articles and blog posts, Pinterest boards, activities, and blogs!

Without further delay: Here are my top 12! In participation with the 'Top 12 Montessori in 2012' blog hop with the following bloggers: +Deb Chitwood of Living Montessori Now; +Melissa Kemendo of Vibrant Wanderings; +Işıl Şimşek of Smiling Like Sunshine, +Deirdre Smith of JDaniel4's Mom, Cherine of Making Montessori Ours, and Leann from Montessori Tidbits.)

*In no particular order.*

My Favorite DIY #1: Colored Pasta Activities for Montessori-Inspired Sorting, Patterning, Counting

My Favorite DIY #2: Science for Kidss (for Montessori-Inspired Water Experiment/s)

My Favorite DIY Montessori #3: Land and Water Forms for Geography

My Favorite Montessori Botany: Gardening the Montessori Way

My Favorite New Montessori Blog: Montessori Mischief

Best New Pinterest Board #1: Montessori Moms

Best New Pinterest Board #2: Montessori Life Sciences

My Favorite New Montessori Materials for Aspergers, Autism, Special Needs: The Asperkids Collection at Montessori Services

My Favorite Montessori Blog Post #1: "How to do Montessori at home"

 My Favorite Montessori Blog Post #2: "Hands On, Their Level"

My Favorite Montessori for Infants: "My Montessori-Inspired Activities for Babies"

My Favorite Montessori Toddler Activity: "Montessori Laundry with toddlers and our DIY setup"

I hope you had an adventurous year in 2012! 

And here's wishing for many more adventures in 2013!  

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Top 12 Montessori in 2012

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