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The Easter Mouse Story by Lisa Nolan

Mouse collage creature
Mouse by Jason Nolan at age four

A little black mouse arose from his hole in the ground. A bright morning sun greeted him making his whiskers twitch with delight. "It's been a long time winter!" yawned the mouse.

Just then, a big grey rabbit hopped by and sat down to rest on a log. He was out of breath. He looks very tired, thought the mouse.

"I need your help," said the ole rabbit to the fury little creature with twitching whiskers, "I must finish delivering these candy eggs to some needy children, but I'm too tired!"

"I'll help you!" replied the little mouse and he took the basket of candy eggs.

The grey rabbit gave him directions, but after a mile of scurrying, the black mouse got lost. He spotted some rabbits playing in the field. Maybe they can help me, he thought.

"Excuse me, can you help me find the children's home so I can deliver these candy eggs?"

The young rabbits were surprised to see a such a small creature with tiny ears carrying a basket of eggs!

"You don't look like a rabbit! What are you doing with those eggs?" For you see, the young rabbits thought only other rabbits could deliver candy eggs on such a special Spring day as this.

"I'm a mouse!" he replied. "And I need your help to take these eggs to the children's home! Because I do not think I can do it on my own."

The young rabbits talked it over and agreed it would be nice to help the little mouse.

So off they went, each taking turns to carry the eggs, and soon they were at the children's home.

"How are we going to deliver the eggs without the children knowing? It is supposed to be a surprise!"

"I'm very small! I can crawl through this hole in the wall and sneak all the eggs inside the house!" said the mouse. So in the mouse crept, leaving candy surprises for the children.

And that is how the little, big-whiskered creature became the Easter Mouse for a day, with help from his new friends!

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My Top Picks
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