Winter-Themed Montessori Treasure Baskets

Create a special Montessori treasure basket for the holidays! Use objects from your holiday storage boxes, you know the ones in which you store old holiday wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, nick nacks, photos, cards, gifts you want to re-gift, and goodness knows what else!

I went through three of my large holiday storage boxes. I took objects out that I thought my son would enjoy looking at and interacting with. I then placed them in a wicker box. (Mind you, he is seven years old.)

Included in the basket: an old truffle box stuffed with photos of past holidays (mom ate all the yummy truffles), a miniature Nativity, a music box, and one of my childhood Christmas books

Also included in the basket: fuzzy antlers, a snowman puzzle book, and an old calendar with family photos.
If you don't celebrate Christmas, you can do a Winter-themed or non-Christmas holiday basket.

If you create a Montessori basket for an infant or tot, you have to use large objects that are baby safe and that they won't choke on, objects like Christmas stockings, Santa hats, old holiday cards and family photos, big bows, large pieces of ribbon, Christmas socks you know you'll never wear, small stuffed animals, and so forth.

So go sort through those over-stuffed holiday storage boxes! And have fun!

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