Our six-year-old is not interested in reading!

Our six-year-old is not interested in reading. We have seen him do some reading, but he really doesn't want us to know that he can--it just doesn't seem to be that important to him right now. We are all readers in our family and he loves to have us read to him, he understands how crucial it is to read and he tells us that he'll will eventually be a reader. We don't ever want to make him feel bad about this, we know that when the time is right it will all come together for him. He doesn't do that much "writing" either, he dictates his own beautiful poetry to go along with his art work, as well as stories but really doesn't like to actually write that much at this time.

Reading: there is a sensitive period for reading at age five, and again (or for the first time) at age eight. Some children want to read at age five, others at age eight. It is a matter of interest, not intelligence!

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~Lisa Nolan

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