Can my three-year-old be successful in his Montessori school?

My son is an only child who just turned three in the first week of September...This is only his third week of Montessori preschool and I have just received a follow-up email from his teacher on his progress at school..."His inability to take lessons, complete a task, and attend for any length of time is making it difficult for him to settle into the classroom and be a part of the group..." I truly believe that a child cannot be expected to fully conform to classroom rules or show consistency, needles to say mastery, of the skills presented as challenging areas. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on it.

Three weeks is about the norm for a school to work with a new child (even at age three) to see "how it works out" for that child (and the school). Some children are not ready for a Montessori preschool environment at age three, and some are more suited for a traditional, play-based preschool, or an in-home daycare.

It could be that your son is either not ready, yet, for a Montessori preschool, but will be in six months; or he is not meant to be in a Montessori environment at all.

What I suggest is cutting his day very, very short: drop him off at the beginning of class, and pick him up at outside playtime/ let's say you drop him off at 8:30 and pick him up at 10 or 10:30. And do this three times a week for a few months (we some times did this in our Montessori school). Then, when you and the school feel he is ready, either have him stay later, or have him come five mornings a week. Ask the school if they would be willing to do that! (I had to do that with my son--and he eventually settled in fine.)

You can't hurry up his development, and neither can the teacher(s)...

It is true that not every child fits the "Montessori mold".

I think they are just being honest about the situation, as hard as it is to hear, and are even willing to meet with you--so when you do meet, ask them if they would be willing to have him come three mornings a week...and see how that goes.

And I would look at some other preschools, just in case it does not work out, or they so no.

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