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My Fifteen-Month Old Won't Play With His Montessori Activities or Toys Much

I feel like I am constantly buying "Montessori" toys and it seems my fifteen-month old only sticks with those for about five minutes max...So then I get more traditional toys and he doesn't show interest in them...Nor does he quite have the attention span to let me show him how to do any activities, he just grabs for it.

This is typical for tots: they flutter about the environment like humming birds! Right now he is in a "large motor movement" stage of development--on the move all the time! This will continue until age three, but it will slow down at age two as your child begins language development, fine motor movement, and social development.

That's why you want to rotate activities every week or every two weeks! That is what Montessori infant and toddler classrooms do, but not in Montessori preschool: you do not rotate activities for three-to-six year olds much...

Truth be told, tots and toddlers do not like lessons! It can be a challenge to give a toddler a lesson (let alone a tot)! So you only want activities out that you don't need to show your tot how to do, just let him explore the activities and the environment, even if only for five minutes at a time. And if an activity is too hard and frustrating, your tot will ignore it (and you can rotate it out).

My son's favorite activity when he was a tot was climbing stairs. Over and over and over and over...


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