How to Choose a Montessori School

I get asked the following question a lot: "When deciding between Montessori schools, what would you keep in mind to determine which is better or whether there really is much difference?"
I had to ask this question of myself when choosing a Montessori school (with a toddler class) for my special needs son.
For what it is worth, here is my answer!
As for which Montessori school, the best way to decide is to make an appointment to observe; each school is a little different, you may go the first time alone or with your child. When you are their "observing" the classroom, ask yourself, will my child fit in here? Only you can answer that! As for teachers, they come and go, so you may love the teacher but come to find out she is leaving next year, etc. But do not expect too much conversation from her as she will be interacting with the kids. That is really the best advice I can give! Unless you are a Montessori trained teacher, looking over all the materials is mute, but again, think to yourself, how will my child fit in here? Hope that helps!